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Google+ Communities: A Great Way to Connect with Educators


I was looking for more information about using Google Hangouts in the classroom, and during my search I came across some great education Google+ Communities.

First of all, what is Google+?

Think facebook which most of us have some familiarity, I’m sure… most likely personal. Google+ is an online community where you can share and interact with people through posts and comments.

Communities in Google+ are groups formed around a particular topic of interest. All you have to do is click on Communities when you are in Google+, and you will see lots of recommendations. When you find a Community that you like, simply click on the Join button. You then will be able to participate fully in posting and commenting.

So why should you join a Google+ Community?

First, it’s a wonderful way to exchange ideas with other educators as well as ask questions about tools & services. Furthermore, the Communities are a great place to make connections and collaborate with teachers and students around the world on projects!

Here are three Communities that I have joined so far:

Google for Education – They are talking G Suite here!

Google Classroom – Share and learn about Classroom. Ask questions, get answers and be inspired by how others are using  service.

Connected Classrooms Workshop – Looking to Hangout with other classrooms? This is the community to find them!

I’m hoping to start a Google+ Community for Westford teachers. Would you be willing to join?

How to Schedule Meetings… Without Playing Email Tag


Tired of playing email tag when setting up meetings?

This 3-Minute Classroom Problem Solver from SimpleK12 is what you need to watch!

And I can give a testimonial: Doodle is very easy to use and efficient! It’s well worth a try.

Google Drive Folders – Get Acquainted


I’ve been on a kick about organization… the New Year, I guess, is my motivation.

At the end of 2016, I shared some thoughts about teams and a shared folder in Google Drive. Well, recently, EdTechTeacher added an excellent resource page on its site about Getting Started with Google Drive Folders. They have some great video tutorials on the basics that will get you (and your Team) organized. The tutorials range from creation of a folder, to renaming it, getting files into it, storing it in more than one place and even color coding folders. Go ahead… get acquainted.

Perhaps, you’ll end up organizing your Drive before you even put away all those holiday decorations left over from December? Or definitely, before the spring cleaning, right? 🙂

Students as Creators – Collages of Learning & Discovery


Last week, I ran a hands-on workshop for K-2 teachers in my school district. I do not work directly with these teachers, but I did my best to give them ideas of how to think about how students could be creators versus consumers on iPads. The student examples that were showcased during the workshop were from the results of my collaborations with Abbot teachers. I wanted to share this creation work with more people, so I’m posting it on my blog today… perhaps, I little bit of a boast… but I’m proud of our work and hope it will inspire others. I’d also love to gather more ideas. Please comment with your how your students create on iPads!

Students as Creators

Google Classroom Basics Resource


I have had some requests about Google Classroom basics. From “How do I get started?” to “What can I have my students use it for?”

Good news: EdTechTeacher has put together a page to help.

This resource explains how Google Classroom works and the basic terminology. There also is an FAQ section, plus video tutorials. Even using the Classroom app on iPads is covered for those who are heading in that direction.

Be sure to bookmark this invaluable resource as I’m sure that it will be growing. Google Classroom is still in its infancy and will continue to evolve as teachers & students use it, sharing ideas that will change its boundaries.

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