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Goodreads Follow-Up


A few months ago, I wrote about Goodreads. (Check out the post here.) A fifth grade teacher was trying out this site with her students on a voluntary basis. Recently, she surveyed the students who opted to use this site instead of the traditional, paper reading log. Here are the results:

  • 78% of the students feel that they read more than they used to
  • 56% of the students feel that they talk more about books with family and friends
  • 100% of the students feel that the teacher should offer Goodreads to future students
  • 56% of the students plan to continue using Goodreads in the future
  • 100% of the students explored other parts of the site that weren’t mandated (such as writing stories and book trivia)

The teacher felt that these results demonstrated that the experimental use of Goodreads was a success. And I would agree! These results certainly are aligned with the teacher’s ultimate goal of her students becoming lifelong readers and reflectors. Any one else want to give it a try next year? 🙂

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