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This post is a springboard for our first App-tober Session:

Apps are being created by what seems like the second. This can be a very overwhelming arena. Teachers are asking themselves: What are the best apps for students? How do these apps even fit into the classroom curriculum? Is it even worth paying for these apps? Moreover, how do you manage the apps along with the devices? Lists continue to be generated, and advice is being offered everywhere. So much to sift through… You even can try your luck with the WeWantApps! app.

Before you start app searching/shopping, however, think about the powerful device that you have. An iPod Touch comes standard with some exceptional capabilities. For example:

  • Internet access
  • Built-in cameras for stills and video
  • Sharing services

Also, consider how the devices could be used: as an individual, as a partnership via a splitter or as a small group with a RockStar. The devices can go anywhere there is a wireless connection, making them flexible tools of differentiation.

Regardless, a teacher needs to ask herself: what are the students’ needs? Apps can address so many different thinking skills. (Check out the various Bloom’s Taxonomy of apps lists: Kelly Tenkely of the iLearn Technology Blog‘s list and Kathy Shrock‘s list. Please note: although many are for iPad, similar versions are available for Touches.)

Let’s start our investigation by looking at what we have and brainstorming its powerful possibilities.

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