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I have been thinking a lot about student blogging recently. And by thinking, I really mean reading what others are saying about it.

Here are some blog posts that I hope will inspire you to continue or even start blogging with your students:

Pernille Ripp‘s Ideas for Integrating a Student Blog in Your Curriculum & What Does Student Blogging Exactly Do?

My favorite line from Pernille Ripp: ‘Students don’t need more work, they need more authenticity in their educational experience.’ Blogging should not be an add-on to the curriculum. One should consider where it fits naturally. After reading her list, I am beginning to wonder if we can afford not to have students blogging?

Edna Sackson ‘s 10 20 ways to think about your class blog

The reflective questions on this post got me wondering about the importance of meaningful conversations. We always are moving on to the next topic to meet curriculum demands. Unfortunately, that kind of pace leaves us with many missed opportunities for deeper understandings.

Silvia Tolisano ‘s Student Blogs: Learning to Write in Digital Spaces

A great take away from this post is the “Take Another Look At Your Blog Post” checklist that emphasizes quality writing. I like how it focuses on “voice” and includes such things as ‘makes the reader curious’ while keeping the expectation of proper spelling and grammar. It even challenges us to consider embedding multimedia. These are essential components in order to reach an audience effectively.

With all of this in mind, I’m excited to help our school librarian get her Have You Read Anything Good Lately? Blog going once again in 2013. I’m hoping the students will be as well.

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