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SAMR Model


Are you using technology or integrating technology? There is a difference. The SAMR Model is a good way to think about the answer to this question.

I don’t want to pass judgement on practices as each level in the model (like Bloom’s Taxonomy) has its place in instruction and learning.

I think enhancement experiences are pretty much straight-forward. For example, using a math fact app on an iPad (or iPod Touch) is a substitution for the traditional paper multiplication flash cards. Maybe, there are some features in the app that allow for some augmentation, such as immediate, tailored feedback.

Transformational experiences, however, I think, are more challenging to set up for students. There are a lot more details to consider if you want to get maximum potential. Yet, I don’t think this level is out of our reach at elementary. A goal that I have with the iPad Minis is for us to move toward students using these devices for creation and sharing, not always at the end of a unit of study, but rather more of a transformational experience that modifies and possibly redefines the learning as it is taking place. I like the idea of doing things we never imagined possible as isn’t that what we are preparing our students for in this century?

I’m looking forward to discussing this further in upcoming conversations via consults or meetings.

As always, your thoughts are welcome.

A useful resource: SAMR Model: Background and Exemplars

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