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Socrative – A Student Response System


At the Boston iPad Summit, one of the apps that I kept hearing about was Socrative, a student response system.

While I (now) am subscribing to the philosophy of investing in a few great, universal apps that will go the distance for any subject and purpose, Socrative is a unique, specialized student app (used in conjunction with the teacher app or web) that I can’t dismiss in the firehose stream. A selling point for me is how the app gives an opportunity for student reflection and feedback in a convenient and immediate way. Not to mention, the student engagement factor is extremely desirable.

Socrative is very easy to use. A teacher signs up for free at Socrative and is assigned a room number (code). From there, a teacher can create short in the moment quizzes or longer assessments for students to take either individually or in groups on an Internet device. There are even pre-made activities such as Exit Slips that allow for student metacognition. Reports can be generated and either emailed or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet to inform instruction. If correct answers are indicated in the creation of the quiz, the spreadsheet even will indicate a grade.

While there is an iPad app for both the teacher and student, the Socrative system can be used with any Internet device (tablet, Smartphone, Touch, laptop and desktop computer). This flexibility is wonderful if a school is not a 1:1 laptop or iPad school. In our case, a mixture of Touches, iPad Minis and/or laptops could be utilized to use the system. Also, students do not need accounts since they access the teacher’s quiz via the web or app using the specific room number (code). Even without an account, student data can be identified. Most quizzes request a student’s name as the first question. For safety and privacy, a teacher can have students type in an already established blog username or classroom number.

In my limited experience, I have found Socrative to be very user friendly. Instructions and tips are all on the site. Check out their demonstration video (below), and let me know if this tool could be of use in your classroom. I’m hoping to do my own demonstration at an upcoming faculty meeting.

Socrative introduction video (new) from Socrative Inc. on Vimeo.

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