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How Will I Make 2015 The Best Year For My Students?


A pinch of this and a dash of that…

Perhaps, too many holiday cookies have put me on this train of thought, but wouldn’t it be great if there were a recipe that would ensure that 2015 were the best year for our students?

However, individuality (thank goodness!) makes things a bit more complicated. Everyone has to follow his/her own recipe for success because if it’s like my grandmother’s cooking, things are never exact, written down and usually change depending on what’s available in the kitchen.

Therefore, I see my role as a digital learning specialist as that crazed restaurant manager… running around while juggling plates (a.k.a. devices) and consulting with staff (teachers) about how to meet the needs (learning objectives) of clients (students) at that moment.

Today’s Specials? Encouraging collaboration and creativity.

And of course, you can’t forget the side of passion. Who wants bland, right?

If you think I am just talking about the students, you are wrong. The most effective way to inspire the students is to inspire their teachers.

Teachers are the ones who create optimal conditions for the blending and mixing of learning. My jobĀ  is to seek, design, and support techniques and methods that will produce “edible” creations.

Do all ideas bake to perfection?

Honestly, no.

Yet, from that lesson, we all learn the importance of risk taking and self-reflection.

Now, those are the two core ingredients (skills) that will last and make years to come continue to be the best for our students.

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