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Preparing for the Station Rotation Model


So you want to make stations in your room… and want one to be technology infused…

I have been thinking about how I can support people who are contemplating this endeavor. I did a little searching around and came across a blog post by Catlin Tucker about the Station Rotation Model. I found it most helpful in how to plan and prepare for making stations in a classroom. The author carefully outlines what questions a teacher should consider in order to make worthwhile stations. Please check it out here. It’s worth the read.

Tucker also makes an excellent point about why you should even be considering these stations: the power of the small learning community. This school year, I have some of the largest classes that I ever have taught. I now can see why the lecture hall approach has been a traditional way to address and control large bodies of students. Yet, it’s such an impersonal, teacher-centered approach that doesn’t foster the 4C’s (communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking) or take into consideration different learning styles and preferences. Not to mention – I find students are less apt to take a risk in a large group. I’ve learned over the years that trusting relationships go a long way in making students available to learn.

It’s time to start looking at our carts of devices differently. A cart of 30 devices has at least 6 stations of different opportunities.

Time to do some planning…

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