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Make a Self-Graded Quiz in Google Forms – Fast!


Did you know that you can quickly turn that Google Form into a quiz that gives students immediate feedback with a grade and lets you view the results individually or collectively and even graphically?

I needed to update a Responsible Use Policy quiz for this school year that I had made years ago with another program. I no longer have that software, so I decided to remake my quiz in Google Forms. At first, I was thinking: I’m going to have to look at the results as they come into the spreadsheet and figure out how to set up a grading system. I’ve always liked how my old quiz program gave students immediate feedback that I could look at right on their screens. Wasn’t I elated to see under Settings today in Google Forms the option to make my Form into a graded quiz that did a lot of the work for me!? I also was thrilled that the assessment data is collected and archived for me… something my old program did not do. Therefore, if a student clicked out of the quiz without showing me at the end, s/he had to take it over to prove their score to me. (And that did happen on occasion!)

If you work in the Westford Public Schools, try out my demo quiz here. I have it set to collect usernames, so people have to sign in. That’s an option that I like to use with students so they are not giving out too much personal information on an online questionnaire, and I can identify them easily. It also gives them good practice with logging into their accounts. Furthermore, I have it set to not let them skip questions… another option, so just do your best educated guesses if something’s not applicable or you’re not sure of an answer. (I won’t share your score with anyone, promise!)

Learn how to make one of these quizzes here at Google’s glorious Docs Editors Help. It has step by step directions!

Furthermore, I just did a search to see if anyone had made a video about this feature…voilĂ ! SimpleK12 has one in their 3-Minute Classroom Problem Solvers! Check it out:

Or contact me, and I’d be happy to coach you through it and chat about the possibilities of using Google Form Quizzes with your students.

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