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Editing Roles in Google Docs


OK… your students are using Google Docs, but are they harnessing the power of peer editing/collaboration?

Even with pencil and paper, asking students to give constructive feedback and edits to a peer’s work is challenging and even overwhelming for students. Some focus only on spelling while others only want to say “Good job!”

I watched a SimpleK12 presentation, “Facilitate a Writing Workshop Using Google Docs” by Susan Oxnevad, today and a real take away that I wanted to share is the jobs that she assigns for editing. I’m sure they are not something that you haven’t seen before in other subject areas or with paper/pencil tasks; however, sometimes when we go digital we forget about or do away with the great approaches that we used when we were non-digital.

Essentially, Oxnevad suggests putting students into groups. The students share (via Google) his/her Doc with each other within that group, and then the teacher assigns each student an editing role for that particular group. Next the training happens. The teacher does a mini-lesson with students of the same role so they understand how to do their respective jobs. Finally, students complete the assigned role for his/her shared group, using the tools of Google (commenting, suggesting, Research Tool). Of course over time with different assignments, roles change and new students are trained again and again. Perhaps, even new groups could be formed at this point.

This system just seemed so logical and practical to me about how to get students editing and collaborating with one another in Google.

Go here to see Oxnevad’s suggested list of jobs and responsibilities. I’m hoping this may help a teacher take the next step in having students share Docs with peers in the role of editors/collaborators!

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