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Last week was a great week of chatting…

No, we didn’t have our feet up eating bon-bons in my office space, talking about the beautiful fall weather…

Instead, I really got to listen to teachers tell me where they want to be heading with their students. These conversations led to me asking lots of questions and showing teachers different possibilities in Google and with apps to help them get started with achieving their student as well as professional goals.

Did I always have an answer?


At least, many times last week I really had to stop and think… about the desired outcome and what was the most developmentally appropriate and manageable way to make it happen. And I think we came up with some great ideas and next steps if I do say so myself.

For example, a teacher wanted an easy way for students pass in work to her when working on an iPad. In the past, we had been using Dropbox, but she wanted them getting into Google Drive and sharing with her. After many different ideas, we came up with a quick solution that also marked the students work so she knew from whom it was coming (an issue with Dropbox): make a Google Classroom Assignment. Students then can log into GC on the iPads and add an attachment to the Assignment and submit to the teacher. Anything that is in the camera roll can be attached, and Classroom names and organizes the attached work for her. Easy, peasy. Let the flood gates of creation, submission and then sharing on her projector begin and keep going! To many this may seem like a no brainer, but for us the workflow of sharing on a community iPad to the teacher has been a challenge in the past. We’re excited about this new procedure.

I like to think last week’s conversations really got my brain fired up.

Let’s keep it rolling… let’s chat soon!

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  1. October 11th, 2016 at 10:03 am       Ruth Freeman Says:

    It was great to plan together!

  2. October 11th, 2016 at 10:05 am       lsanderson Says:

    Same here, Ruth! I need to pass along a few other things to you that got me thinking!

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