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AirDrop – An Efficient Way to Share from Your iPad to Your Computer


So you have photos or videos on your iPad and want to get them to your computer?

You could use email; however, files can be too large to send. Also, maybe, email is not configured on your school iPad?

You could upload to Google Drive. (Or Dropbox or some other storage service.) Unfortunately, let’s say that the Google Drive app is not on your iPad. Of course, the app could be installed, but you don’t have admin privileges to load apps at this moment… and you can’t wait for someone who manages the iPads to help you out… you need a work around, like yesterday, right???!!!

Solution: Use AirDrop.

Below are some video tutorials I created to help you with this solution (if you prefer not to read step by step directions from Apple). [And on a side note, I learned how to screencast and record on an iPad to do this blog post! Thanks, iPad Apps for Schools! See…I’m always learning, too… 🙂 }

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

(As a follow-up to my Playlist post, here’s a playlist of the videos!)

Hopefully, you find AirDrop to be useful to share from your iPad… and of course, you can share from iPad to iPad as well… opening up collaboration opportunities with students, but that’s another blog post at some point!

And I have to say “thank you” to Mrs. Mulholland for pushing me to explore this solution for her math iPad Mini. 🙂

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