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Use the Google Classroom Reuse Post Feature to Share Assignments and Resources with Colleagues


Google Classroom’s reuse a post feature is very handy. With the start of the new school year, teachers have to make an important decision. Do they keep their last year’s Google Classrooms and remove former students? Or should they archive the old Classroom so it can be referenced and start a fresh one for new students?

Once I tell teachers how easy it is to reuse and modify an old post from an Archived Classroom, usually the decision is easy. After all, who wants to reinvent the wheel? Teachers spend a lot of time finding great resources, designing templates and crafting spot-on directions. These items can be tweaked and used in whole or part at another time with students… perhaps, during this new school year?

Likewise, that stellar assignment that you posted in your current Google Classroom(s) or archived one(s) can be shared with your colleagues as well.

Here’s how:

  1. Make a Google Classroom for your group.
  2. Invite colleagues to be co-teachers (About page).
  3. In the stream of that Classroom, click on the + and choose “Reuse post”.
  4. Select the Class where you made your great original post (announcement, assignment, etc.) for students.
  5. Click the Reuse button.
  6. Unless you want to add any other info, click Assign.

The post will appear in your group’s Google Classroom for all of your co-teacher’s to see. (Bonus! Since you are teachers with active emails, everyone will receive an alert that you added to the stream. This notification is perfect since most of us get so busy we forget to go check things out… without a nudge.)

And it gets even better… people can comment or ask questions below your post in the stream about what you’ve shared. You even could add additional information, such as tips about prep work, or maybe, other possible modification ideas that you may have.

Wait… it’s not over yet… because you posted it to this shared Google Classroom, now your colleagues can reuse your post in their own Google Classrooms!

Here’s how:

  1. Colleague (co-teacher) goes to his/her own Google Classroom(s).
  2. In the stream, clicks on the + and chooses “Reuse post”.
  3. Selects your shared Class for your group where you shared your great post (announcement, assignment, etc.) with colleagues.
  4. Clicks the Reuse button.
  5. Colleague modifies/adjusts/adapts the post for his/her students as necessary.
  6. Clicks Assign (if ready to give to students… or Draft or Schedule).

“Give a penny, take a penny” throughout the year: Sharing your posts to the shared Google Classroom and then reusing other colleague’s to your own.

This method seems like a great fit for Personal Learning Communities, grade level teams and departments. What do you think of this use of Google Classroom?

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