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Voice Typing – Assisting the Writing Process


I was reminded of a powerful feature in Google Docs… Voice Typing.

Many students struggle with getting thoughts down on paper or typed on a screen. The numerous steps involved in the physical act of the writing process can be a challenging endeavor for lots of people. How often are ideas lost because a student can’t find a character key or doesn’t know how to even start spelling a word?

Under the tools menu in Docs, you can enable Voice Typing. While it is not perfect, this tool is an easy to use accommodation. I’m even thinking that it could help with the very beginning of writing – brainstorming, allowing a student to get creative ideas out on the Doc without all of the possible hindrances. The student then could copy and paste the notes into the rest of the Doc or on a separate one as their writing unfolds and becomes more formalized.

Check out the video below to see how quick this tool can be be used:

Also, here are some resources to type with your voice: directions and commands.

I wonder how many students take advantage of this feature? I’d love to hear from you.

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