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Photo Booth


On Tuesday mornings, there have been a small group of girls in the hallway next to the computer lab. I haven’t been sure what they are doing, but they seem to be very engaged in their activity. One day on my way to a meeting, I decided to be nosey and ask them. They showed […]


I always want to put the tools into the hands of the students. I want them to be the creators. I believe they will make more meaning and definitely get more out of it if they are able to take the reins. At the elementary level that often can be challenging with a project. To […]

Favorite Tool


Last month, I read a post by a member of my PLN, Kyle Pace, on web productivity tools and trying to keep up with them. I enjoyed reading his honest reflection that he sometimes does not get beyond signing up for a tool because there are just so many out there. Even technology specialists find […]



As I sit here pondering this week’s post, I have been checking out what’s going on in the Twitterverse of my PLN (Personal Learning Network). Some may call it procrastination, but I’d say it’s inspiration. This has been the scenario: Read a tweet. Click on link. Retweet and/or bookmark. Repeat. After several cycles, it occurred […]



By now, everyone has heard of Twitter. And many of you are thinking that’s just one more thing for me to manage… and who has time for it? And isn’t it really more for socializing anyway? Lots of people have blogged about the stages of Twitter acceptance. The number of steps vary, but they all […]

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