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QR Code Treasure Hunts


Looking to try something new in 2013?

How about getting your students out and about with a QR Code Treasure Hunt (a.k.a. Scavenger Hunt)?

First off, you may be wondering what a QR Code is? You probably have seen QR Codes on flyers or in stores. Simply put, it is a type of barcode. When the barcode is scanned (with, for example, a smart phone), the device will be directed to a website where a message, picture, audio file or even coupon awaits you.

How can this technology be used in the classroom?

Here’s the gist:

  1. Come up with questions (and answers) on any subject.
  2. Make the questions into QR Codes.
  3. Put the codes around the school.
  4. Students find the codes, and using a device such as an iPod Touch (with the Scan app), students will “read” the codes a.k.a. questions. Students then will answer the questions via paper and pencil or even email the answers to the teacher from the device before proceeding to the next code.

What a great way to hook students into reviewing for a benchmark! Or perhaps, even at the beginning of the school year, going on a hunt in order to take a tour of the building while creating teamwork.

Intrigued? Here is a generator from to get you thinking and designing your own hunt. And of course, let me know if you would like to collaborate.

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